Cool software for busy people...

What We Do

We focus on three primary areas...

Building Cool Stuff

This is where we have our fun. We dream up our own product ideas and seed the Internet with them. Some survive, some don't, some are hobbies and some are just things that we want and use to make our lives a bit easier. Some we charge for...some are free.

Creating Cool Solutions

When we're not busy churning our own web and mobile apps, we'd be more than happy to do some for you! If our expertise and technology stack match what you're trying to do, maybe we can help.

Giving Back

Finally, we believe that every enterprise is responsible for giving back to the communities...both physical and virtual...that they operate in. Here we do thing which may range from simple posts on the kiwiluv techblog promoting good causes to doing pro bono work for a school or charity. We will also actively pursue work actively that we feel has positive social impact.

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